Everyday Precious 日常宝藏
In the series Everyday Precious, Han Bing brings marginalized people into the performance and uses photography to constitute a fixed moment in time/space where the essence of such people's concerns is conceptually crystallized. In these works, the participants carry the most mundane objects from their ordinary lives, objects looked on by the "respectable society" as signs of backwardness or poverty—bricks, cabbages, simple farm tools such as shovels, chickens, etc.—and reminding us that these objects, to the vast majority of Chinese, are life-sustaining treasures.
Everyday Precious, Presents the existential conditions of people dreaming of modernization and urbanization. It is about the interchange between people and the ordinary objects from their daily lives, as well as a mirror of the process by which their traditional everyday lives are ruptured through modernization.

Facing the Future with My Family : 2001

Backward Modernity  2004
Superfluous Remnants of an Already : Backward Modernity 2004

Unpredictable Moon: 2002

Comfort 2002 

We Come Bearing Gifts 2002 

Judgment 2002 


In the fields full of hope : 145x100cm