The performance photography and video in Mating Season reflect on the positive side of desire and the extraordinary possibilities inherent in what poet-activist Audre Lorde called "the power of the erotic" for rekindling our love of the world, bringing us back to the ways that the ordinary objects in our lives sustain us, and how we can animate the ordinary objects from our everyday lives with passion—objects such as tools of manual labor—investing them with sacred meaning. In this series, Han Bing reminds us of the eros, and life-affirming power of the everyday, the ordinary, the quotidian and the mundane things in our world. Like philosopher Hannah Arendt, with her invocation of amor mundi—to love the world, our world, that we have remade with our own hands–he reminds us that a reverence for the world that we have made is the first step in taking responsibility for it.
韩冰呈现出一个裸露并且性属模糊的身体,并由此强调身体的柔韧性和脆弱性(flexibility and vulnerability)。这种有目的身体再现寻找着各种路径,与打造一个现代身体(modern body)的标准化方式方法针锋相对。在作品中,韩冰以情色化的方式拥抱与他身体似乎毫不相关的物品:鞋子、铁锹、镰刀、石头、砖头、棉布……用类似的表现方法,韩冰在他早期的作品“对一把刀的性幻想”中也运用过类似的方式,用自己裸露的身体爱抚一把锈迹斑斑的菜刀——那也是他初加入北漂一族以后所拥有的为数不多生活用品之一。这种行为表演无疑展现了夹杂在痛苦与快乐之间的拜物恋物情结,换句话说,在以自己脆弱的身体充满激情地驯服和慰籍冰冷的物时,韩冰表达出他对“原始的自然性的情感在现代工业时代”的怀念和召唤。文\ 庄稼

Sexual Fantasies of the Knife: Mati 

Body Heat:Mating Season1-1 : 体温•发情期第1号1

Body Heat: Mating Season1-2: 体温:发情期第1号2