Urban Amber :The landscape of desire in ours times
In Urban Amber, Han Bing's visual interventions also raise questions about the paradoxes of desire. Desire for Han Bing is an irreducibly bifurcated modality, that is, it has powerful manifestations and effects that can be both beautiful and poisonous. In his conceptual photography series of single-exposure images, Urban Amber, this paradox takes on a different form. The spectre of glamorous high-rises, those icons of middle-class China's dreams of home and a better life, are juxtaposed to the rundown, temporary dwellings of the urban poor living in their shadows. These fantasy high-rises appear resplendent and dream-like until you realize that their inverted images are reflected in Beijing's ubiquitous, industrial-waste and garbage-infested "stinky rivers." Like amber, these rivers capture the sediment of the times, showing us through a mirror darkly, the underbelly of China's fantasy of modernity.
——Maya Kóvskaya(Curator, art critic)
When I saw the landscape of our lives from the sewage, Be controlled in the pollution into the 'amber', 'human civilization' landscape be solidification in order to leave the future to witness
——Han Bing
韩冰从2005年开始了“都市琥珀——我们时代的污染景观” 的影像系列,这些梦幻的图像竟然是艺术家从污水河边实地拍摄出来的,是真实的来自中国的污水河景观,没有后期使用电脑合成技术。艺术家巧妙地“将倒影再倒置过来成为正景”,把那个我们司空见惯的脚下的“污水”变成我们头顶仰视的弥漫的“天空”,以水污染同时关照着对空气污染(比如雾霾)的预言。透过这些美丽而又颓废的风景让观者感受这个我们正身在其中的污秽的世界!“当我从污水中看见我们生活的景观,我感到这个由人类掌控的世界正被浸泡在污染的‘琥珀’之中,为了留给未来世纪见证业已远去的‘人类文明’和那凝固的‘欲望景观’(Han)”。 这些图像远看一片浪漫,近看则是令人伤感的,奇幻图像竟然是来自污水中都市景观,再仔细看污水里漂浮着是人类的日常垃圾。画面其中透露出的伤感批判显然是源于艺术家那浓烈的尘世之爱,和对当下真相的尊重。
——Shannon May,(加州大学人类学博士)

 2005,C-print, 100 x 150 cm.
Red Flags Flying on Skylines Cranes: 2005,C-print, 100 x 150 cm.

Polluted Veil of Lace: 2006

river bank
The commercial center on sewage : river bank

Endless Road: 2006

gold autman_Urban Amber: 2007

Coiled Dragon Pillars: 2007

The Stars Light Our Way : 2006

Rose river, 2011 : 78x135cm

Plaza of Dionysus Bridge: 2005

Twilight High-Rise 2005 : 150x100cm

East Wind II 都市琥珀-东风2 2005 

Urban Amber, 2005
Dionysus Bridge Garbage Station: Urban Amber, 2005

Street Walkers
Fallen Leaves ,polluted Water ,: Street Walkers

Indigo Night - Urban Amber, 2005 

Urban Amber, 2005
Moon Stained Darkness: Urban Amber, 2005

East Wind I ,2005 


Tower: 2007

Black Grove: 2009

Grove2,Urban Amber. 2011