Walking the Vegetables Movement in Manchester 遛菜运动在英国
April, 2008
Walking the Vegetables Movement is Upgraded version of the Walking the Cabbage Project and is characterized by public group interventions.
In April, 2008, Han Bing was invited to participate in the Asia Triennial Manchester with his Walking the Cabbage Project. At his solo show at The International 3, Han Bing's tri-channel video-installation showed footage from the eight-year performative intervention, The Green Walking Movement In UK, in China, Japan and the US. And on the streets of Manchester, he localized this interrogation of social class and sustenance, possessive individualism and conspicuous consumption, with 150 cabbage-walking Manchester folks - homeless people, housewives, grandparents, kids, gay activists, white collars, and immigrants, alike - taking Savoy cabbages (the English equivalent of Chinese cabbage and a staple food of the poor) on leashes for a three-hour walk across the city, inciting puzzlement, delight and much debate.